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Plywood Products

Plywood is a highly stable panel. When exposed to moisture or high humidity, plywood is up to seven times more resistant to thickness swell than substitute wood-based panels. Plywood also returns to its original dimensions when it dries.

High Strength
Plywood is stronger than substitute wood-based panels in the four important engineering strength properties of bending, tension, compression and planar shear.

Low Weight
Plywood weighs up to 40% less than substitute wood-based panels of equivalent thickness.

Plywood is a highly impact-resistant panel and continues to perform even when wet.

Proven Performance
Plywood has over 40 years of proven service as a structural panel for homes and construction.

Buyer Preference
Plywood remains, according to surveys, the panel of choice by home buyers, contractors, architects and engineers.

Plywood is manufactured from logs averaging 25 centimetres in diameter from managed sustainable forests.100% of the log is utilised for either veneer, or by-products, such as 2x4 lumber, landscaping ties or chips for pulp and paper.  Nothing is wasted.

Plywood manufacturing, because it is a value added process, employs four times as many people compared to the manufacture of substitute wood-based panels - using the same volume of logs.